Safety Data Sheets

Know the hazards associated with the materials you use! Always review chemical safety information, such as an SDS or other resource, before starting work with a new or unfamiliar chemical.

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)


Safety Data Sheets (SDS) provide necessary information about precautions for protecting against known hazards associated with the material and often include useful information on chemical, physical, and toxicological properties, along with suggestions for storing, transporting, and disposing of chemicals. SDSs are the best general source of information available, and they should be consulted as a first step in assessing the risk associated with doing an experiment or working with a new product. The new GHS standard format for SDS has more information and more detail than the old MSDS required, but still may not have sufficient precision for some laboratory uses. Exercise caution when using SDS and use non-SDS sources for additional information. If you need additional assistance call EH&S at 9-2553.

Safety Data Sheets

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The UC SDS Management System

The University of California's Environmental Health and Safety Offices have combined efforts and resources to create a ‘one-stop’ source for SDS and chemical safety information. This search engine will be growing as UC routinely adds major chemical vendors into its integrated database.

To access this UC SDS database you must be connected through a recognized UC campus computer.