If you have an emergency situation, use any campus phone to dial 911. Campus dispatch will contact the appropriate response group to aid you.

Emergency Planning and Response

The key to getting through any emergency situation is being prepared. While you can't plan for every single conceivable eventuality, you can work up a few credible scenarios based on experience and location (earthquake, fire, etc.) and collect supplies, design and practice evacuation plans, and ensure there is a method for your department being able to account for the whereabouts of all its employees in the event of an emergency.

UCSC Emergency Management Homepage

Medical Emergencies

In case of a medical emergency on campus always dial 911 and stay on the line. Emergency Medical Technicians from the UCSC Fire Department will respond and call an ambulance for you if necessary.

If you are a UCSC student, Urgent Care Clinic services are available at the Cowell Student Health Center during the day on a walk-in basis for illnesses or injuries. If students need care after the Health Center is closed, there are various Urgent Care facilities in town as well as the Dominican Hospital Emergency Room. Please ensure that you are aware of the limitations and terms of your insurance coverage beforehand.

For staff and faculty, emergency procedures vary depending on the severity and circumstances of the situation. Injuries requiring medical evacuation by ambulance will generally be taken to Dominican Hospital Emergency Room. For non-emergency, work related injuries, the injured employee should seek first aid and medical treatment at the UrgencyMED at 3540 Soquel Avenue in Santa Cruz. Departmental emergency plans should include contact numbers and operating hours to speed response time in case of an employee injury.

Medical Emergency Resources

Cowell Student Health Center (UCSC Students Only) 459-2211

UrgencyMED (UCSC Employees - Non-Emergency) 704-3030

Dominican Hospital (Medical Emergencies) 462-7700

Other Resources

Santa Cruz Medical Clinic - Westside (Non-work related injuries - individual insurance required)

Risk Services - Worker's Compensation information and forms, injury statistics

Central Coast Red Cross provides first aid, CPR, and first responder training