About the Department

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Administratively located within the Division of Finance, Operations, and Administration (FOA), our primary duties are to promote, facilitate, and provide expert consultation for EH&S programs in support of both academic and non-academic campus functions. We are responsible for monitoring compliance with environmental, health and safety programs intended to minimize or prevent occupational injuries and illnesses in the workplace and to protect the quality of the surrounding environment. EH&S advises the campus community of responsibilities with respect to health, safety and environmental issues; recommends appropriate corrective actions; and helps implement new health and safety programs. EH&S also acts as liaison between UCSC and various external agencies and regulatory bodies. Our actions and decisions have the potential for high visibility and serious consequences to the campus and the community.

EH&S programs include a broad and complex range of disciplines including areas such as laboratory and research safety, industrial hygiene, environmental management, radiation safety, hazardous materials management, information technology, ergonomics, biosafety and emergency management.