Food Safety

It is the policy of the campus to ensure that all food facilities are constructed and operated so as to protect the health and safety of all students, employees, and campus visitors. This is accomplished by enforcement of applicable provisions of the California Health and Safety Code, ongoing education, and inspection of all businesses selling, offering for sale, or giving away food or beverages. EH&S conducts quarterly inspections of the food facilities on campus to ensure their compliance with health codes, and investigates complaints of food-related illnesses. To report a complaint about campus food safety, contact Cesar Gonzalez at 459-3351.

Food Permits for Food Sales & Giveaways

Permits are necessary to hold food sales or give-aways on campus by any student organization or group. These permits are issued through SOAR for organizations registered with them, or by EH&S for non-registered organizations. To have a permit signed by EH&S, you must make an appointment. To ensure you can get an appointment, you should contact EH&S at least two weeks prior to your event, or you may not be authorized to hold the event as planned. Download the permit application form below, fill it out, call Cesar at 459-3351 if you have questions, or call the EH&S office at 459-2553 to schedule a time for signing. Applications brought in without an appointment may not be signed.

Food Facility Inspection Results

UCSC EH&S inspects campus food facilities on a quarterly basis. Annual health inspection results are shown below.

Food Sources on Campus

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