Recycling and Disposal Guide

UCSC is working hard to reduce the campus waste stream, and the campus community is highly supportive of recycling and waste reduction. By 2012 UCSC hopes to achieve a 75% diversion rate and by 2020 achieve Zero Waste.

Some recyclables are currently not being accepted for a brief period. These include Laboratory containers, paper bags, and some beverage/food containers. For more information about this, contact Recycling office (; 459-3671).

The following guide provides info on general recycling information:
Household Recycling and Disposal for Solid Waste

The following webpages contain information only for University generated waste.
Information about Non-University waste generated in the: 

  • City of Santa Cruz can be found here.
  • County of Santa Cruz can be found here.

link to lab recycling guide

Regulated Wastes


Aerosol Cans Laboratory Sharps Paper
Asbestos Waste Medicine/Personal Sharps Bicycle Parts
Batteries Oil Cardboard
Biohazardous or Medical Waste Paint Kimberly Clark Nitrile Gloves
Cell Phones Photographic Chemicals Scrap Metal
Compressed Gas Cylinders Radioactive Waste
Electronic Waste Refrigerators/Appliances/Equipment Disposal

Not Currently Recyclable

Empty Containers Regulated Lights Plastic Bags
Hazardous Waste Treated Wood Waste Laboratory Containers
Inkjet, Laserjet, & Toner Cartridges Styrofoam Info Beverage and Food Containers

If you have further questions or need additional information please contact Environmental Health & Safety at 459-2553 or the Recycling Office at 459-3671.

If your waste stream was not listed above or you have ideas on how to improve this website please contact Environmental Health & Safety at