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All UCSC Employees (Staff and Faculty):

If you are in need of office furniture (ergonomic chair, desk, etc.) and/or computer accessories, please notify your supervisor and then follow the instructions below.

We have a formal process in place for all office ergonomics requests:

  1. Employees must first complete a brief online training and self-evaluation.
  2. Next, a Workstation Evaluation is conducted.
  3. Finally, if needed, employees will be instructed to schedule a visit to our Ergonomic Showroom for chair fitting and viewing of ergonomic product recommendations.

To start this process please click the “Start Here” button on the left.

NOTE: The Ergonomics program does not provide furniture or ergonomic equipment. Departments are responsible for purchasing ergonomic furniture/equipment that they approve for their employees. For departments that have an active Ergonomic Assessor, limited reimbursement is available for specific ergonomic products. For more information about this process please click on the “Ergonomic Assessor Resources” button.

If you have further questions or need consultation on any non-office ergonomic safety concerns, please contact

Additional Information

Supervisors and employees must know the basics of proper workstation ergonomics and put these principles into practice on a daily basis.

If an employee uses a computer workstation for more than 4 hours a day or 20 hours a week, EH&S recommends that they meet with their supervisor to ensure that they have received adequate training and ergonomic resources.

To comply with the Injury and Illness Prevention Program, every employee at UCSC should be an active participant in preventing injuries. Ergonomic training and practices will help you meet the goal of remaining injury-free at your workstation.

It is essential that all employees are working in compliance with Cal/OSHA Title 8 Ergonomics Regulations:

Please use the buttons on the left to access additional information.