Every employee at UCSC should at all times be an active participant in preventing injuries to themselves and others. Employees and supervisors need to be aware of the potential for injury and capable of altering their surroundings or processes to prevent injury and avoid unnecessary risk. These actions and behaviors are common elements of a sustained safety culture and are essential components of an effective ergonomics program. Supervisors and employees need to know the simple basics of good workstation ergonomics and then put these principles into practice on a daily basis. Good ergonomic practices related to computer workstations are easy to understand, implement and monitor. If you use a computer workstation for more than 4 hours a day or 20 hours a week, EH&S recommends you work with your supervisor to take the following steps to ensure you are in compliance with the California Department of Occupational Safety & Health ergonomics rule, adhering to the provisions of UC labor contracts and are meeting the requirements of your departmental Injury and Illness Prevention Program. Most importantly you should follow these guidelines to ensure you meet the goal of remaining injury-free at your workstation.

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