University of California, Office of the President (UCOP) supports a number of safety and risk management tools. Collectively this is know as Risk and Safety Solutions (RSS). UCSC EH&S utilizes a number of these tools to help manage research safety. Information about specific applications is provided below.


If you would like assistance with the online EH&S programs, contact EH&S at or at (831) 459-2553.

    Away - Research Travel

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    Away enables researchers to register work-based travel for insurance coverage and to print travel insurance ID cards

    UC Away

  • Biosafety Information Online

  • BIO icon

    Online system for submittal and management of Biological Use Authorization information.

    Biosafety Information Online - BIO

  • Chemicals - Chemical Management Solution

  • UC Chemicals tile

    Chemical inventory tool helping labs track and manage chemicals and facilitating accurate regulatory reporting to state and federal agencies.

    UC Chemicals

  • Drone Safety

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    Before flying your drone, on campus or for UCSC, you must submit a flight request using the UC Drones Tool. Flight plans are reviewed to verify compliance with Federal law and regulations, and to ensure operators are following established best practices.


  • Employer's First Report of Injury

  • EFR icon

    An online reporting tool used by an employee and supervisor to report a workplace injury.

    Employer's First Report of Injury - EFR

  • Field Safety Tool

  • Field Planner

    This tool is a replacement for FSTOP, it is a fillable document designed to help research groups generate a practical Field Safety Plan. A good field plan will inform participants of the potential risks and help them prepare.

    Field Safety Tool - FST

  • Laboratory Hazard Assessment

  • LHAT icon

    Self-assessment tool for identifying a lab's hazards and PPE requirements.

    Laboratory Hazard Assessment

  • Occupational Health Surveillance System

  • OHSS icon

    Coordinates the routing of animal-related risk assessment and medical information to occupational health professionals for review and clearance.

    Occupational Health Surveillance System - OHSS


  • Safety Inspection

  • SIT icon

    Manages the complete lifecycle of the inspection process, with the ability to perform inspections using a tablet.


  • UC Learning Center

  • UCLC icon

    Portal for online learning. 

    UC Learning Center

  • Waste, Accumulation, Storage and Tracking electronic

  • WASTe icon

    Provides tracking and tag generation to aid in proper and timely disposal of hazardous waste.

    Waste, Accumulation, Storage and Tracking electronic - WASTe