Directions to the EH&S Office and Conference Room 189a

Side view of the EH&S office

To Campus

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On Campus

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To the EH&S Trailer

Entering campus at the Main (east) entrance, head north on Coolidge Dr. for 1.6 miles. Continue onto McLaughlin Dr for 0.8 miles. Then turn right onto Heller Dr., immediately make another right and left, to come in behind the Jack Baskin Engineering (JBE) Building loading dock. Proceed up the steep twisty section of roadway to the parking areas behind Engineering 2 (Parking lot 139) and continue to the far end, where you can turn left up toward the woods. Set along that back drive there will be a brown, single-wide trailer, a greenhouse made of whitewashed glass, and the EHS office which is the brown, double-wide trailer with a wooden deck and handicap access ramp.



 To the Conference Room 189a

After driving to the EH&S Trailer, instead of going left, towards the woods, go right and head towards the Jack Baskin Engineering Building. Once you see the pick up / drop off curb, go right towards the JBE courtyard. Walk across the courtyard and once you’re underneath the bridge that connects JBE and Engineering building 2, turn left and go in the building through the double doors. Before you pass the coffee stand, turn left and walk down the hall. To your right there will be 2 blue doors next to each other, one door is room 168 and next to it a door will be open, showing a short hall, which leads to room 189a, on your left at the end of the hall. 

*If you are entering the JBE building from the front doors: walk to the end of the main entrance hall, turn right after the coffee stand and the 2 blue doors next to each other will be on your right.