Training Classes Offered

EH&S offers a variety of safety training classes to help departments meet the training requirements of the Injury and Illness Prevention Program. Most classes are approximately one hour long and offered at no cost. With advance notice, class length and content can be modified to meet special needs. For 15 or more attendees, EH&S will provide training at your location. Contact Pete Reitano (459-1786) to schedule training for any of the classes listed.

Training Classes Presently Offered

Back Care

Back injuries are the number one cause of on the job injuries. Three quarters of all people will experience back trouble at some point in their career. This class emphasizes structure of the spine, proper lifting technique, and first aid for back injuries. A small portion of time is used to discuss exercises and stretches which strengthen the muscles of the legs, back, and abdomen.

Blood Borne Pathogens Standard

Employees who may be occupationally exposed to blood or other potentially infectious material are to receive training and medical follow up. This course covers disease transmission, universal precautions, use of personal protective equipment and information on the hepatitis B vaccine.

Confined Spaces

Entry into electrical vaults, manholes and other confined spaces is strictly regulated by Cal/OSHA. This program covers the hazards of confined spaces, air monitoring, entry protocol, confined space entry form and duties of entrants and attendants.


Repetitive motion injuries associated with computer use are fast becoming the number one cause of workers compensation claims. This class helps employees set up computer work stations, understand basic ergonomic principles and recognize early symptoms of repetitive motion injuries. This class meets the Cal/OSHA ergonomics training requirement. NOTE: Ergonomics classes have been pre-scheduled, please sign up for them through our online registration.

Fire Safety

EH&S offers fire safety training consisting of two parts:

  • A classroom presentation that addresses general fire safety, which requires a classroom environment with projection or television display.
  • A hands-on fire extinguisher training, which requires a flat, outdoor, fire-proof area with water and electrical supplies for the equipment.

The training equipment includes water extinguishers and a propane fire device. Please contact the Safety Training Coordinator at 459-1786 to schedule a training or for more information.

Please Note: Our fire extinguisher equipment cannot be used if wind or rain are in the forecast for a scheduled session

Hazard Communication (Campus Policy)

Also known as the right to know law, hazard communication training is required for employees who work with chemicals or who may be exposed to them in the work place. This course covers how chemicals enter our bodies, types of harmful effects, how to protect yourself when using chemicals, and where to find relevant information.

Hazard Communication for Managers

This class will assist attendees in developing their hazard communication program (see Hazard Communication above).

Injury Prevention Workshop for Managers and Supervisors

This 90-minute class is designed to assist managers and supervisors evaluate their safety programs and determine how to make improvements. Attendees will be provided with tools to assist them in the investigation of accidents and injuries, with the goal of developing a plan to prevent recurrence.


Cal/OSHA regulations require that all electrically, pneumatically or hydraulically powered equipment be positively locked out from all sources of power before beginning any maintenance activities. This program covers the steps required to have an effective lockout/tagout procedure and what to do when it is not possible to perform lockout/tagout procedures.

New Employee Safety Orientation

This 1.5 hour course covers the basics of the campus Injury and Illness Prevention Program, computer user ergonomics, back care and lifting safely, seismic safety, and disaster and emergency preparedness. It cannot inform employees of unit-specific plans or hazards, and is therefore only an introduction to, not a replacement for, further job safety training by a supervisor.

Office Safety

Although offices are not usually the site of fatal accidents, many accidents costing thousand of dollars occur in offices annually. This video-based presentation summarizes the most common causes of office accidents nationwide. After the video there is a brief discussion of how this compares to our own accident statistics. If the course is given on location, there is also the opportunity to do an in-house survey to check for unsafe conditions.

Hearing Protection

Exposure to high levels of sound can cause irreversible hearing loss. This program discusses Cal/OSHA regulations, sound measurement, anatomy of the ear, hearing protection, signs of hearing loss, and the use of hearing protection devices.

Ladder Safety

Ladders are such a commonly used tool that we forget serious injury can result from their misuse. This course covers the common types of ladders, how to set them up, and common hazards to look for during inspection of ladders.

Personal Protective Equipment

Many of us use personal protective equipment. Lab coats, safety glasses and steel-toed shoes are just a few examples. New Cal/OSHA regulations require that employees be trained on the use, limitations, and maintenance of PPE. This course covers the selection, use, and limitations of PPE.

Respiratory Protection (Campus Policy)

Inhalation of toxic substances is the number one route of significant chemical exposure. This course helps employees learn how to select, wear, understand the limitations of and care for air purifying respirators. Many people try to protect themselves, using respirators, without understanding the basic principles. In addition to being illegal, this is also very dangerous.

Tool Safety

This course covers basic safety rules for powered and hand tool use. For refresher training, there is a more entertaining course using out-takes from the TV show "Home Improvement."