IIPP Template - Workspaces that are not Hazardous Materials Labs

These links are for the template documents for any unit which is not a lab using hazardous materials. If your responsibility is for a group which does not fall into this category, please click here to access the correct materials for your organization.

PDF for Web View Word Template for Editing
Required Steps Required Steps
Section 1 IIPP Plan IIPP Plan
Section 2 Identification of Responsible Persons Identification of Responsible Persons
Section 3 Hazard Alert Report Hazard Alert Report
Section 4 (a) IIPP Orientation IIPP Orientation
Section 4 (b) Office Training Needs Form Office Training Needs Form
Section 4 (c) Facilities Training Needs Form Facilities Training Needs Form
Section 4 (d) Group Training Sign-In Group Training Sign-In
Section 4 (e) Training Matrix Training Matrix
Section 5 (a) Office Inspection Checklist Office Inspection Checklist
Section 5 (b) Shop Inspection Checklist Shop Inspection Checklist
Section 6 Record Retention Checklist Record Retention Checklist
Section 7 Reporting Incidents and Injuries

Note: you may also download all of the above documents in either PDF or DOC format.

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