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ErgoCruz is a comprehensive preventive office/computer ergonomics program offered by UCSC Safety, Wellness, and Injury Management, offering training, resources and support to UCSC employees.

Departmental Ergonomic Assessor and ErgoCruz Reimbursement Program

To support UCSC employees in ergonomic well-being the Safety, Wellness, and Injury Management Team has developed the Departmental Ergonomic Assessor and ErgoCruz Reimbursement Program which aims to reduce repetitive strain injuries.

The program aims to train one or more members of each campus department as a Departmental Ergonomic Assessors (DEA) who can then perform ergonomic evaluations for other department staff. Based on the DEA's recommendations, we will provide an opportunity for cost-sharing for ergonomic equipment. 

If you are a manager seeking to improve your department's ergonomics or a staff member interested in becoming a DEA for your department, contact for more information on how to get started. 

Before receiving the new ergonomic equipment recommended by the DEA, each employee must complete the UCSC "Healthy Working" online ergonomic assessment and training. You will be required to sign in using your CruzID and Gold Password.

Employees in departments without a DEA, will be required to first complete the online ergonomic assessment and training. Once completed, an ergonomic evaluation can be scheduled by the employee or their manager by contacting

Ergonomic Showroom

By appointment only. Please contact to schedule an appointment.

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