ErgoCruz is the branding for the entire preventive office/computer ergonomics program at UCSC. There are a number of features, services, and program areas available to UCSC employees.

Online Training and Self-Assessment

All UCSC employees who use a computer as part of their normal work activities are strongly encouraged to complete the UCSC online computer ergonomics training and self-assessment. It takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and can be done in smaller sessions, as it allows you to stop and then return to the same point later. You can review it at any time at your convenience. The training provides a wealth of tips and ideas on how to improve your computer workstation set up to improve comfort, safety and efficiency. The assessment portion asks simple questions that will help pinpoint your personal risk areas and provides education targeted at your identified needs and risks. There is also information and demonstrations of healthy stretches to improve your comfort and well being at the computer. You will also receive personalized follow-up recommendations and periodic reminders to update your profile and note any changes that have taken place in your workstation. Often employees are empowered to completely resolve their ergonomic issues at their desk after completing this training. There is also instruction on where to go to get more assistance if needed.

To sign up for the training and self assessment, go to UCSC online ergonomic training.

Enter you CruzID and Gold password to log into the UCSC Learning Center to access the ergonomic Assessment and Training Module.

NOTE: If you have forgotten your CruzID Gold password or need to set that up You can do so at the ITS accounts webpage, or email ITS at:

If you have questions about the UCSC online ergonomic training and self assessment program or process, contact the Campus Ergonomist.

Departmental Ergonomic Assessor and Matching Funds Program

The Safety, Wellness, and Injury Management Team invites you to participate in ErgoCruz, a program aimed at reducing repetitive strain injuries.

Our goal is to train one or more Departmental Ergonomic Assessors (DEAs) for every campus department. As soon as your designated DEA is trained, he or she can begin performing ergonomic evaluations for your staff. Based on your DEA's recommendations, we will provide up to $600.00 per employee for fiscal year 2016 for the purchase of ergonomic equipment while funds last.

If you are a manager seeking to improve your department's ergonomics or a staff member interested in participating in this positive, helpful role in your department, contact the Campus Ergonomist at 9-5430 for more information on how to get started. Designated DEA candidates can sign up for the required classes at the web site: BAS Events Manager by selecting the "Departmental Ergonomic Assessor Training" class. If you don't see a class on the calendar contact the Campus Ergonomist to find out when the next class is anticipated to be held.

Before receiving the new ergonomic equipment recommended by the DEA, each employee must complete the UCSC "Workplace Safety Plus" online ergonomic assessment and training tool. The link to sign in is above and below on this page. You can sign in using your CruzID and Gold Password.

For employees in departments without a DEA, you may still request an ergonomic evaluation from your supervisor and have them contact the EH&S Campus Ergonomist. You are required to complete the online training and self-assessment before being seen. Recommended furnishings or equipment from evaluations conducted by EH&S do not qualify for the ErgoCruz matching funds program reimbursements. That program is only available to departments with active DEAs. Consider having your department designate a DEA candidate to make those reimbursements available.

Program Limitations

  • Department supervisors/managers may make arrangements to loan or borrow DEAs from each other: See below for a list of DEAs by departments.
  • All funds and space in training courses is available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Funding is limited to $600.00 per employee for FY 2016 or until the money runs out.
  • Capital projects and other large office moves are not eligible for this funding.
  • This program is not retroactive to prior purchases of ergonomic equipment.

Matching Funds Program policy document. Detailed description of ErgoCruz Matching Funds and DEA programs.

Pre-approved products list. Contains average pricing, vendor contact info, and acts as an ordering sheet.

Application for matching funds PDF version. For use by DEAs trained through ErgoCruz program only.

Application for matching funds DOC version. For use by DEAs trained through ErgoCruz program only.

Workstation ergonomic evaluation form. For use by DEAs trained through the ErgoCruz program only.

Follow up - short ergonomic evaluation form. For use by DEAs trained through the ErgoCruz program only.

List of active Departmental Ergonomic Assessors

List of ergonomics product reps and contacts

DEA Workbook

(If you are a DEA, see the bottom of this page and the Ergonomics program page for more useful resource links and documents.)

If you have questions about the program, please contact the Campus Ergonomist at 459-5430 or campus mailstop ErgoCruz.

Ergonomic Showroom

The Ergonomic Showroom is located within the offices of Risk Services in Barn H. Furnishings and equipment from the pre-approved product list are on display, including most chair models, keyboards, mice, and headset varieties, along with a selection of keyboard trays, monitor arms, and other office furniture. The room is not open for browsing; these items are available for employees to review in the company of their DEA or the Campus Ergonomist after an evaluation has recommended an equipment change.

The showroom is available by appointment only between 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday-Friday. Appointments are made through either your DEA or through the Campus Ergonomist.

Simplified Purchasing

The ergonomic pre-approved product list contains ordering information on frequently recommended products and the contact information of our primary suppliers, OfficeMax and PBI Furniture. This list is formatted to act as an order form.

The distributer for Steelcase chairs and furniture is Peninsula Business Interiors (PBI) and the main contact is Kirsten Beaulieu. She can provide quotes, specifications, and office design assistance. There is also a Steelcase/PBI Punchout in Cruzbuy that makes ordering easier.

More detailed information on these frequently recommended products is available in our pre-approved product Guide.

Because some manufacturers, such as Humanscale, Steelcase, or Plantronics, have many different models and combinations of features available, the pre-approved list and guide do not contain every possible permutation of products available. For additional options, consult the manufacturer's website or contact the local product representatives for the manufacturers. The matching funds program considers all models of these product lines to be acceptable choices when appropriate for a situation, even if they are not specifically listed in our documents.

Rest Break Software

Many employees find significant computer ergonomic support by using an innovative product called "RSIGuard". This program includes many user friendly and powerful productivity features and tools. It includes a customizable rest break timer, computer stretching tutor as well as autoclick and keymapping tools to minimize mouse clicking and keystrokes. It is available in a Mac and PC version for a 45 day free trial after which individual lifetime licenses can be purchased for $65.00 from the company.

Plantronics Headsets

More Useful Resources

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