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ErgoCruz is the name we have given our comprehensive UCSC Ergonomics Program.

Ergonomic Assessors in Departments

Our Ergonomics Program and extensive team of departmental “Ergonomic Assessors” serve to assist UCSC employees with ergonomic evaluations, ergonomic training, and ergonomic product recommendations to optimize the comfort and functionality of their computer workstations. Applying ergonomic principles to the workstation is a proven method of reducing risk of injury and enhancing productivity.

If you are a manager seeking to improve your department's ergonomics or a staff member interested in becoming an Ergonomic Assessor (EA) for your department, contact for more information on how to get started.

ErgoCruz Reimbursement Program

The Ergonomics Program does not purchase ergonomic equipment or furniture for departments. Employees must work with their department management to receive approval and make any recommended purchases.

Partial reimbursement for select ergonomic products is available to departments who have an active Ergonomic Assessor. A department’s Ergonomic Assessor can apply for partial reimbursement (up to $500 per employee, per fiscal year) after following our formal workstation evaluation process (below).

Ergo Evaluation Process Overview

  • Ergonomic Assessors will instruct colleagues in their department to first complete a brief online ergonomics training & self-evaluation module found here: 
  • Next, the EA will schedule a Workstation Evaluation of the employee’s workstation (in-person or by Zoom).
  • If needed, employees will be instructed to contact to schedule a visit to our Ergonomic Showroom for chair fitting and trying out ergonomic products.
  • Finally, the EA can submit a reimbursement application form after their department has purchased select ergonomic furniture. Please see the Reimbursement Form in the list below for additional details.

Ergonomic Showroom

By appointment only. Please contact to schedule an appointment.

Forms and Resources for Ergonomic Assessors