Office Ergonomic Evaluation and Training

If you are:

A new employee, someone who has moved to a new workstation, or someone who has general questions or concerns about the ergonomics of your computer/office workstation set up:

  1. Take our UCSC "Healthy Working" online computer user ergonomic assessment and training module hosted on the UC Learning Center. Make the changes suggested during this training class to your workstation to achieve the best posture.
  2. Complete the "Risk Assessment" questions at the end of the training.
  3. Review the "Your Healthy Working Plan" from the online training system with your supervisor and/or Departmental Ergonomic Assessor (DEA) to identify any remaining needs. Visit the ErgoCruz page to find a list of the active DEAs by department.
  4. If you believe you need new or different equipment to solve a problem, discuss your situation with your supervisor, office manager, or DEA and work together to find a workable solution.
  5. If you are unsure whether you need new equipment or need information about what types of ergonomic equipment are available to solve your problems, contact to find out more about available options.
  6. On a daily basis, ensure your equipment is properly adjusted and your posture remains appropriate. As much as possible make a habit of frequently changing your work activities at least every 20-30 minutes (i.e. stand up, walk to copier, look away from your screen, do some stretching), to avoid working in any posture for a prolonged period of time without moving.
  7. If you are unable to complete the UCSC online training and assessment or do not understand how to apply the information to yourself and your workstation, contact to discuss this further or to schedule a site-visit.