Office Ergonomics Process


If you are in need of ergonomic furniture/product recommendations, if you are a new employee, if you have moved to a new workstation, or if you have general questions about the ergonomics of your computer workstation set up, please follow these steps:

  1. Complete the Online Training and Self-Assessment
    • Take the online training and self-assessment from Risk and Safety Solutions at the following link:
    • Sign in using your UCSC email and credentials. Select the “Computer Ergonomics Self-Assessment” in the upper right side of the webpage. Follow the prompts to complete the video training sections, and then complete the Ergonomic Self-Assessment. Please use this resource for guidance.
    • If you are unable to log into the training or encounter any issues with the functionality of the course, report problems to Risk and Safety Solutions, select “Contact Us”, and then “Get Help”.
  2. Request a Workstation Evaluation
    • After completing the online training and self-assessment please notify your supervisor and ask them if your department/division has an active Ergonomic Assessor. Workstation Evaluations are typically conducted by the department’s Ergonomic Assessor and can be done in-person or remotely by Zoom. You can also visit this page to find a list of the currently active Ergonomic Assessors and their contact info. If your department does not have an Ergonomic Assessor please contact to request a Workstation Evaluation.
    • If possible, please make any recommended changes to your workstation. Discuss with your supervisor or your department’s Ergonomic Assessor (EA) any further assistance you may need to achieve a comfortable and supportive work area at your desk.
  3. Schedule a visit to the Ergonomic Showroom (if needed)
    • If it is determined that you need ergonomic furniture or equipment, you may be instructed to schedule a visit to the Ergonomic Showroom for chair fitting and/or testing out our recommended equipment.
  4. Purchasing Ergonomic Furniture and Equipment
    • Departments are responsible for purchasing ergonomic furniture and equipment for their employees. For departments who have active Ergonomic Assessors, limited funding reimbursement is available for specific ergonomic products. For more information about this please click on the “Ergonomic Assessor Resources” button.