Battery Bin Locations

Battery Recycling Locations

Where Building/Room
2300 Delaware Central Lobby under receptionist desk  
AgroEcology Center Life lab office  7751
Baskin Visual Arts Art office E104
Bookstore By back wall 2nd floor
Carriage House In hallway 1st floor
Center for Adaptive Optics Outside copy room, by paper recycling  
Communications Video equipment checkout 123
East Field House Main entrance Lobby
Environmental Health & Safety Drop off at front office In back room
Fire Station Front office  
Hahn student center Copy Room / Staff lounge 1st floor
Humanities 1 Faculty services center 706-215
Interdisciplinary Science Bldg Copy room 232
Jack Baskin Engineering Bels BE40
Kerr hall Reception area of media services 149
Lock Shop Behind the counter 110-131
Long Marine Lab Mail room  COH
McHenry Library Circulation desk  
Merrill College Advising office 32
Police Office Front desk Records area
Physical Sciences Building Copy room 233
Rachel Carson College Faculty services center 235
Recycling Office Office Barn G
Science Library Circulation desk  
Shop Stores Behind the counter  
Sinsheimer Mcdb office 2nd floor
Social Sciences I Anthro office/dept office/ Faculty Services Center 361
Social Sciences II Media lab 47
Surplus In warehouse Barn H
Thimann stockroom By loading dock Front desk