University Generated Regulated Lamps

Do not throw regulated lamps in the trash!!!! They are hazardous!!

Incadescent bulbs are not regulated and currently cannot be recycled.

light bulbs image

Examples of regulated lamps include:

  • Straight Fluorescent Lamps   
  • Fluorescent U-Tubes   
  • Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL)   
  • High Intensity Discharge Lamps (High Pressure Sodium, Mercury Vapor, Metal Halide)   
  • Low Pressure Sodium   
  • Shattershields/Coated Lamps 

Regulated lamps contain small amounts of mercury or other toxic materials. These toxic materials are not released when the bulbs are intact or in use; exposure is possible only when a bulb has been broken. Therefore, it is best to store waste in a manner that prevents breakage.

  • Campus Housing   
    • Fill out a Fix It Ticket or contact your local maintenance office. You may get that information from your housing office.
  • Science and Office Buildings    
    • Contact Environmental Health & Safety at 459-4840 or 459-3086.
  • Long Marine Lab    

Physical Plant electricians are responsible for maintaining lamps in state operated buildings.

Information about Non-University waste generated in the:   

  • City of Santa Cruz can be found here.   
  • County of Santa Cruz can be found here