University Generated Paint

Latex Paint Recycling / Disposal

There are now two disposal options for latex paint available to the campus community.  The first option uses California’s new PaintCare program.  This state mandated program requires paint manufactures to collect and recycle left over paint generated in California.  The program is funded by a fee levied on each gallon of paint sold.  The second option is to dispose of unwanted paint through the EH&S hazardous waste program. 

Option #1: Use California’s no cost PaintCare program:                                                      

Drop off sealed containers of latex paint to local retailers with drop off locations.  The maximum amount of latex paint that can be dropped off at one time may be limited so please contact the retailer before making a drop off.  Paint retailers will not accept leaking, unlabeled or empty containers.  The following locations in Santa Cruz County will accept paint at no charge:

  • Kelly Moore 1001 Ocean, St Santa Cruz, 95060 831-427-0211 (limit 20 gallons)
  • Sherwin-Williams 408 Front St, Santa Cruz, 95060 831-423-3452 (limit 5 gallons)
  • Kelly Moore 1405 Freedom Blvd, Watsonville, 95076 831-724-3576 (limit 20 gallons)

Option #2: Dispose of latex paint through the EH&S hazardous waste program:

  • Disposal cost is $1.11/pound
  • Containers must be labeled with a UCSC hazardous waste tag and be managed as a hazardous waste.

Oil Based Paint Disposal

Information about Non-University waste generated in the:

  • City of Santa Cruz can be found here.
  • County of Santa Cruz can be found here.

Aerosol Cylinders

Hazardous Waste