Refrigerators and Appliances

University Generated Refrigerators, Appliances, and Equipment Disposal 

 Examples of appliances and equipment include but are not limited to: 

  • Washing Machine   
  • Dryer   
  • Water Heater   
  • Dehumidifier   
  • Conventional oven/Microwave oven   
  • Microwave   
  • Stove   
  • Refrigerator
  • Freezer   
  • Air Conditioner   
  • Trash Compactor   
  • Furnace   
  • Electric Space Heater 
  • Centrifuges
  • Shakers

If equipment for disposal is known to have chemical contamination: Clean with 70% Ethanol/water solution
If Biological Contamination: Clean with 10% Bleach/water solution

  • School of Engineering    
    • Contact the School of Engineering Facilities Group at or the Facilities Coordinator at 459-5710. Affix this form to equipment and contact EH&S (9x2553; if contaminated. 
  • Campus Housing    
    • Fill out a Fix It Ticket or contact your local maintenance office. You may get that information from your housing office.
  • Anthropology Department
    • Contact Richard Baldwin ( for equipment, appliance or E-waste disposal.
  • All other departments/divisions    
    • First contact your building facilities person and ask them what the process is for appliance disposal.    
    • If you do not have a building facilities person, then Moving Services can be contracted to handle your appliance disposal.

Non-University Generated Refrigerators and Appliances

  • City of Santa Cruz can be found here.
    • Washers, water heaters, microwaves, stoves, air conditioners, dryers, refrigerators, etc. are picked up at curbside twice a year in May and November on Appliance Pickup Day. There is a recycling fee.   
    • These items may also be taken to the Resource Recovery Facility Public Refuse and Recycling Drop-Off Area for a fee.
  • County of Santa Cruz can be found here.