University Generated Scrap Metal

  • Receiving Services   
    • Small quantities of metal scrap and wire may be dropped off in metal recycling bins behind H Barn. For large quantities contact 459-2862.
  • Recycling Office   
    • The campus Recycling Program provides recycling bins that collect metal cans as well as other materials. They accept aluminum, metal, tin, steel, bi-metal cans, food-aerosol cans, pie-plates, trays, and foil wrap for recycling. For further information please contact the Recycling Office at 459-3671.
  • Physical Plant Grounds   
    • They accept all types of scrap metal. Contact the Work Order Desk at 459-4444. 

Elemental metals that are in a powdered or finely divided state are a hazardous waste and must be disposed of through EH&S.

Information about Non-University waste generated in the:   

City of Santa Cruz can be found here.   

County of Santa Cruz can be found here.