Hazardous Waste Labeling

UCSC is transitioning from OTP to the WASTe application.

New features in WASTe

  • Tag creation for chemical, radiological and universal waste
  • Profiles for waste streams can be shared
  • Email EH&S staff directly about specific tags or containers

Accessing the System

  1. The Responsible Party or Proxy will need to add you to their waste generator account.
  2. In Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox go to https://ehs.ucop.edu/waste/
  3. Login with your Cruz ID (your UCSC email) and gold password
  4. Update your user information such as storage locations and authorized users
  5. Start creating tags

There are three roles in WASTe

  1. Responsible Party (RP) - the PI or facility manager
  2. Proxy - the person the Responsible Party (RP) designates to control the application for them
  3. Authorized user - everyone else in the lab or facility that may generate tags


If you need assistance creating a waste tag, scheduling a pick-up, or have questions about the program, contact EH&S at 831-459-3086 or hazwaste@ucsc.edu

For any issues with the system or access to it, please contact the ERM Service Desk at erm@ucop.edu or 530-638-DESK (3375)

Help pages are provided in the application in the top right corner