Chemical Storage

Follow established safe chemical storage and segregation practices for the hazardous materials in your laboratory. Review storage and segregation information available from the chemical Safety Data Sheet, EH&S chemical storage group document, and follow these general safe practices:

  • Determine primary hazard  of the chemical such as flammability, reactivity (oxidizers, water reactives), corrosivity, toxicity, etc.
  • Identify safe storage locations, such as flammable storage cabinets, corrosives cabinets, referigerators rated for flammable liquid storage, and always return materials to their proper storage location immediately after use.
  • Ensure other materials stored in that area are compatible with your material (Chemical Storage Group Guidelines)
  • DO NOT store liquid hazardous materials on the floor without proper secondary containment
  • DO NOT store excessive containers of hazardous materials in fume hoods or biosafety cabinets as this can disrupt the airflow
  • DO NOT store hazardous liquids, corrosives or irritants, above eye level. 
  • DO NOT store flammable liquids in non-rated refrigerators or freezers.

UCSC Chemical Storage and Compatibility Resources:

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