Lab Inspections

Upcoming Inspections

The following departments are scheduled for EH&S inspections:

February - Anthropology and Environmental Sciences

March - Biomolecular Engineering

April - Electrical & Computer Engineering

Routine laboratory inspections support a safe work environment by helping to identify potential hazards.  Both the lab group and EH&S perform periodic documented inspections.  Principal Investigators (PIs) and Laboratory Safety Representatives (LSRs) are responsible for initiating correction of potential hazards noted during both self-inspections and EH&S inspections.  EH&S can provide corrective actions when needed. 

Different lab inspections are carried out at different time intervals:

  • Self-inspections should be carried out by lab groups on a quarterly basis.
  • EH&S conducts an annual inspections of all lab spaces.
  • A "Move-Out" inspection will take place when a research group vacates a lab space.
  • "Move-In" inspections are conducted when a PI or research group moves into a new space.
  • Inspections may take place when a new substance, process, procedure, or piece of equipment with potential to be hazardous is introduced to the workplace.

 Laboratory Self-Inspections

Laboratory self-inspections should be conducted and documented on a quarterly basis.  Self-inspections can be conducted either on paper using the EH&S Laboratory Self-Inspection check list or online using the online Inspect tool.

The checklist can be edited and made specific for the operations of the lab group.  Please note the self-inspection process is a key component of hazard identification and correction.  Document findings in the self-inspection form AND document the corrective action(s) taken.  If you have any questions or need help implementing these corrective actions contact EH&S. (

  Laboratory Self-Inspection Checklist

Self-inspections can also be conducted the online Inspect tool.  Only the PI and system Delegate(s) can use this feature.  When logging into Inspect first choose "University of California Santa Cruz" from the drop down menu and then use your GOLD password to log in.  Click on the "Start Inspection" button and then choose "UCSC Lab Safety Self-Inspection."


EH&S Inspections

EH&S conducts annual inspections of laboratories using or storing hazardous materials.  Inspection summary reports are provided to PIs and LSRs through the online Inspect tool.  Findings noted in the reports will have targets dates for correction. Findings not corrected by the specified date will be subject to follow up through the UCSC Compliance Assurance process.  This process involves the Campus Research Safety Committees, Department Chairs, Deans, and/or the Vice Chancellor for Research.

EH&S inspections are carried out on a department by department basis according to the following schedule:

  • February - Anthropology and Environmental Studies
  • March - Biomolecular Engineering and Stem Cell & Cytometry
  • April - Electrical Engineering
  • May - Physics and SCIPP
  • June - Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • July - Microbiology and Environmental Toxicology
  • August - Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology
  • September - Earth and Planetary Sciences
  • October - Ocean Sciences
  • November - Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

EH&S will contact each department chair as well as the LSR for each group in order to arrange a time for this annual inspection.  A Google Appointment Schedule with available appointment times can be found here: Lab Inspections Appointment Schedule


"Move-Out" and "Move-In" Inspections

EH&S conducts two inspections when a lab moves.  After everything has been removed from the old location EH&S will conduct a "Move-out" inspection.  The expectation is that all materials, hazardous and otherwise, have been removed and that all surfaces have been washed with soap and water.  A "Move-in" inspection is conducted once the lab has unpacked and set up their work areas in the new lab space.  Checklists for each of these inspections can be found here: Lab Move-out Inspection, Lab Move-in Inspection.


Departing Researcher Checklist

When a researcher prepares to leave a lab group the LSR or PI should review the Departing Researcher Checklist with the researcher.  The checklist should be completed and signed prior to departure.  The completed checklist should be kept in the lab's IIPP binder.