Chemical Inventory

Maintaining an accurate chemical inventory is a regulatory requirement for using, handling, and storage of hazardous materials. The University of California requires Principal Investigators and/or Departments to disclose hazardous material inventory records to EH&S if a hazardous chemical is used, handled, or stored in University facilities. Collaboration between hazardous materials users and EH&S is essential for maintaining required chemical inventory records and regulatory compliance. See below for more information on the new chemical inventory tool.

For information on chemical storage and waste handling, follow these links:  

Chemical Storage 

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UC Chemicals

The UC has developed its own chemical inventory tool, simply called "Chemicals." This new inventory tool replaces the old third-party software, CIS (Chemical Inventory System). UC Chemicals is a web-based system that facilitates the collection and storage of information related to chemical types and amounts within campus laboratories and facilities. Chemicals helps UC meet reporting and compliance requirements. 

UC Chemicals highlight features

Accessing the Tool

Access UC Chemicals by logging in with your CruzID and Gold password at For additional functionality and convenience, a mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices.

UC Chemicals mobile app

UC Chemicals mobile interface and barcode scanning.

Getting Started with UC Chemicals

Chemicals and reagents should be added to your inventory as they are received, then removed once depleted. Chemicals uses new, UC provided, 2-D barcodes ("QR" codes). Contact to request a roll of barcode stickers. Every chemical container should be labeled with a barcode. Barcodes and in-lab scanning using the mobile app make adding and deleting containers fast and easy. A detailed walkthrough is available here. The UC has also produced a number of tutorial videos linked below.

Key Differences Between Mobile and Desktop

There are a few operational differences between mobile and desktop versions of Chemicals. The mobile app can utilize your phone's camera to scan the 2-D barcodes, avoiding the need to manually type long numeric strings. The mobile version also offers streamlined barcoding of sublocations and imported inventory. Desktop sessions of Chemicals offer Delegates, PIs, and other Responsible Persons the ability to manage the group's inventory settings. Functions include inventory summaries, modifying member roles, inventory tags, managing sublocation details, and more. Group management can not be accessed using the mobile app, but is available using a web browser on your device (although not optimized for mobile viewing).

UC Chemicals Assistance or Questions

If you need assistance with UC Chemicals or have questions about inventory management, contact EH&S at For technical support on the tool itself, contact the Risk and Safety Solutions Service Desk at:


Tutorial Videos

A variety of tutorial videos can be found to help guide you through mobile app and desktop interface

  • Creating a new inventory and sublocations
  • Adding a chemical
  • Adding commercial chemicals and novel compounds
  • Create a custom chemical name
  • Container options
  • Sharing and borrowing a chemical
  • Reassigning a container
  • Barcoding and scanning
  • Searching inventory
  • Switching lab groups