Laboratory Safety Fundamentals

***New - "Laboratory Safety Refresher" Now Available***

image of flasks with chemicals
Lab Safety Fundamentals

The "UC Laboratory Safety Fundamentals" eCourse is REQUIRED for all research personnel before beginning work in the laboratory. In addition, UC policy requires lab safety refresher training every three years. At this time, UCSC offers two options for refresher training: retake the full "UC Laboratory Safety Fundamentals" class (approx. 2.5 hours) or take the new "Laboratory Safety Refresher" class (approx. 30 minutes). These online lab safety classes are accessed through the "Lab Safety for Research Personnel" Topic in the UC Learning Center. 

To Take the Online Lab Safety Courses:

  1. Log on to (UC Learning Center).
  2. Enter CruzID and Gold password.
  3. Search using the phrase "lab safety." You will see the "Laboratory Safety for Research Personnel" Topic.
  4. Click "Register."
  5. Click in the middle of the box for "UC Laboratory Safety Fundamentals" or "Laboratory Safety Refresher."
  6. Click "Next" for the class you would like to take, then "Submit."
  7. To begin the course, click "Start."

Click here to download a detailed step-by-step guide, with screen shots. Note that the UC Learning Center works best with Internet Exporer (PC users) or FireFox (Mac users).  

If you are an intern or visiting researcher, you will first need to obtain a Sundry account through UCSC ITS. Download the "Affiliate Access" document for detailed instructions on the Sundry account and Laboratory Safety Fundamentals process for visitors.