Pyrophoric Materials

Requirements and Resources for Work with Pyrophoric Materials

Pyrophoric materials can ignite spontaneously on contact with air. All work conducted with these materials must follow an approved SOP addressing the specific process used in the lab (including such points as specific hood/area, transfer techniques, PPE required, no lone worker policy, etc.). The SOP must specify the use of a flame-resistant or Nomex lab coat and gloves. The SOP must also clearly describe procedures to be taken in the event of an emergency. This SOP must be reviewed, approved, and signed by the PI.

All personnel using these materials must be trained on the hazards, controls, and specific procedure to be conducted. Training on pyrophoric materials includes:

  • UC technical guidance review, including on-line pyrophoric liquid training (e.g., UC Learning Center (, "Pyrophoric Liquid Safety Video")
  • SOP review
  • Mentoring, including technical aspects of the procedure and use of proper protective equipment (e.g., wearing only natural-fiber clothing under flame-retardant lab coats)

Training on the specific process to be conducted must be documented by signing the last page of the SOP prior to beginning work with these materials.

The following links provide information on working with pyrophoric materials:

Please contact EH&S for UCSC-specific pyrophoric material SOP templates.

Training videos for pyrophoric materials
pyrophoric material safety video screenshot