UCSC COVID-19 Case Locations

Slow the Spread of COVID-19

COVID-19 Case Map

This interactive map shows the work area or on-campus residential location for COVID-19 cases reported within the past two weeks. While the UCSC Colligan Clinical Diagnostic Lab (CCDL) provides most test results, some employee results are self-reported. This map includes both campus-tested and self-reported employee cases. 

Data is presented for reference only. "Close contacts" are personally informed through the campus contact tracing process, in conjunction with the Santa Cruz County public health department. According to the Cal/OSHA COVID-19 Prevention standard, "close contacts" are individuals who have been within 6 feet of a COVID-19 case for a cumulative total of 15 minutes or greater in any 24-hour period. "Close contacts" are identified through discussion with the COVID-19 case and supervisor, and are contacted as soon as the campus receives the COVID-19 positive test result.

The following map shows the location of on-campus residential student COVID-19 cases. As of 10/21/22, the case map and building list below only display cases for the 5-day quarantine period.

Campus Case Building List

The following table lists buildings where recent COVID-19 cases have been reported - note that this table includes staff cases which are not included in the map above.

Carson 02 2
Carson DL 1
Cowell Beard 1
Cowell Manzanita 1
Cowell Sequoia 1
Crown Apts 02 3
Crown Gauss 1
FSH 500 1
Kresge R08 1
Lewis Amnesty 2
Lewis Davis 1
Merrill B 1
Nine Apts 05 2
Nine Geneva 1
Oakes Kahlo 3
Oakes Liliuokalani-Minami 2
Oakes Milk 2
Porter A 10
Porter B 4
Porter E 2
Porter E 2
Porter G 3
Porter H 3
Porter R02 1
Redwood Grove R15 1
Stevenson 01 2
Stevenson 06 1
Stevenson 07 2
University Town Center 1
Village C4 1
Village E3 1

Campus COVID-19 Tracking Data

Real-time case data is available on the Tracking Dashboard from the campus Slug Strong page.

 COVID-19 tracking data