Respiratory Protection

Respiratory hazards at UCSC are eliminated through the use of engineering controls where feasible. For situations where engineering controls are not feasible or during emergencies, respirators are used for protection from inhalation hazards.

UCSC provides each employee required to use respiratory protection with a medical exam, respiratory protection equipment, and training on the safe and proper way to use their respirator. Only persons with written authorization from their supervisor and EH&S are allowed to wear respiratory protection equipment.  Written authorization is issued following a medical certification, fit-test, and training. Medical certification is provided by the campus physician, and fit-testing is performed by EH&S. If you need a respirator in your job, check with your supervisor for the proper forms to fill out to get your medical certification, and make an appointment with EH&S for a fit-test by calling 459-2553.


UCSC Respiratory Protection Program Documents

UCSC Respiratory Protection Policies and Procedures Manual

UCSC Respirator Information Guide

Medical Questionnaire

Medical Certification Instructions

Respirator Terminology - Definitions

Respirator Fit Testing Procedures

Pulmonary Function and Spirometry Testing Fact Sheet

Types of respirators available


N95 Information

General Information

Using an N95 Respirator Video

Voluntary Use Requirements

Disposable N95 (dust mask) fact sheet