Integrated Pest Management

Directed by the Physical Plant Grounds Department, UCSC campus practices Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in controlling troublesome flora and fauna. The Physical Plant Pest Management Office has the expertise to identify which alternative pest control strategies can be used effectively, and is continually researching safer alternative pest control methods and products.

UCSC campus has chosen to be more restrictive than EPA or State regulations with respect to the use of pest control products. The decision to allow the use of a pest control product and/or pest control method on campus is based on an evaluation of several factors: severity of problem, effectiveness of alternative control options and campus community / environmental health risks. When a product is approved for use at UCSC, additional use restrictions or requirements specific to campus use are typically included.

For consultation on IPM, please contact Physical Plant Pest Management by calling the Work Order desk at 459-4444.

For consultation on health and safety issues associated with a particular product, contact the Environmental Programs Manager at 459-4840. 


California Department of Pesticide Regulation

EPA Office of Pesticide Programs

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