Food truck popularity continues to grow on campus. This creates new fire risks associated with propane gas, cooking operations and portable generators.

In an effort to mitigate these hazards, UC Santa Cruz requires that all food trucks are permitted and operating safely. 

The following must be completed and approved prior to entering UC Santa Cruz property:

  1. Request a food a truck inspection through Real Estate Services.
  2. Pass a Food Truck Inspection. (see checklist for requirements)
  3. Ensure you have met the LP-Gas Detection Requirements for Food Trucks.  It is now required by the California Fire Code that all food trucks have gas detection systems. (California Fire Code, Section 319.8.5 LP-Gas Alarms)
  4. Obtain a UC Santa Cruz Food Truck Permit.

The Campus Fire Marshal office uses a system of approval tags for food trucks that operate anywhere on campus properties. This ensures all vendors are complying with fire safety regulations highlighted in the Fire-Inspection Checklist.

Authorized trucks will be required to have their permit on hand when on a UC Santa Cruz property.  If you see an unauthorized food truck on campus or have concerns with the safe operation of one, please contact our fire prevention team or Report Fire Related Complaints or Concerns .