Special Events & Open Flame / Cooking

UCSC staff members at a campus staff appreciation barbecue

The following information is provided for hosting a special event and/or use of an open flame cooking device on the UCSC campus. An Events Emergency Response Plan and/or an Open Flame/Cooking permit may be required for events with any of the the following conditions:

  • Events that meet the requirements of the 2017 Major Events Policy
  • 200 or more people in a space that is not designated as an Assembly Space (i.e. Event Centers do not require an Events Emergency Response Plan as the space is designated for handle large crowds)   

  • Use of space on campus in capacity other than its normal use

  • Use of Tents: Cumulative area greater than 400 sq. feet 

  • Use of Canopies: Cumulative area greater than 400 sq. feet

  • Location includes a roadway, pathway or plaza used for access by emergency vehicles

  • Use of any kind of open flame (candles, torches, cooking devices, BBQs, pyrotechnics)

  • Use of compressed gas cylinders in vendor booths, cooking devices or any other function

All campus units wishing to host a special event and/or use of a open flame cooking device for any event must complete and submit all forms requised at least 10 days prior to the event for approval by the Lead Designated Campus Fire Marshal. This form MUST be completed and submitted by a campus faculty or staff member - student organizations should have the form completed by the faculty/staff sponsor who has approved the event. Forms submitted by students (including RAs) will be rejected.

An approval email will be sent by the Campus Fire Marshal's Office if the event is approved. This approval form must be kept on-site throughout the event.

The Lead Designated Campus Fire Marshal reserves the right to make site visits, obtain more specific information and provide further recommendations based on the circumstances of each individual event.

For further questions or concerns relating to special events, food trucks, and open flame cooking permits, please contact the Lead Designated Campus Fire Marshal, Nick Otis, at notis@ucsc.edu.

Forms and Documentation

Special Events Permit and Emergency Action Plan

Special Events Inspection Checklist

SCC Fire Prevention Standards: Festival Booths and Tents

SCC Fire Prevention Standards: Festival Booths and Setbacks

Open Flame / Cooking Application Form

Campus Open Flame / Cooking Safety Requirements

Food Truck Inspection Checklist