Title 19 - Existing Facility Inspections

State laws have been created for the purpose of establishing minimum standards for the prevention of fire and for the protection of life and property against fire, explosion and panic. One such regulation that applies to most of the buildings on the UC Santa Cruz campus is California Code of Regulations (CCR) Title 19, and the Designated Campus Fire Marshal conducts inspections of campus buildings to determine compliance with Title 19.

During the inspection process the status and condition of a number of items is observed and evaluated for compliance. Some of these items may require immediate correction or, if appropriate, may be given a reasonable amount of time for correction and/or repair. The following is a representative list of some of the items/issues that are inspected (not inclusive):

  • Clear, unobstructed and adequate means of egress
  • Clear, unobstructed fire rated corridors
  • Clear, unobstructed and properly operating rated assemblies, such as rated fire doors, door closers, magnetic door hold-open devices, etc.
  • Adequate and properly operating emergency egress lighting
  • Maintenance of fire-rated assemblies
  • Maintenance of fire protection equipment and appliances
  • Compliance of identified “Target Hazards” for items such as; chemical use and storage, high piled storage, and safe occupancy limits
  • Maintenance and compliance of housekeeping and storage practices


  1. Building coordinator/manager will be contacted by a Designated Campus Fire Marshal representative to schedule the inspection.
  2. Documentation of the inspection is presented to building coordinator/manager.
  3. If necessary, a re-inspection is scheduled within thirty (30) to sixty (60) days of the original inspection date. The severity of the hazards identified in the inspection may require them to be corrected immediately, or in less than thirty (30) days.

Conduct a Self-Inspection

The Designated Campus Fire Marshal office at UC Santa Cruz has prepared the below form that may be utilized by building officials or interested members of the campus community.  This form will allow you to inspect your own facilities to determine compliance with CCR Title 19.  However, this form does not constitute nor replace an official inspection performed by a representative of the Designated Campus Fire Marshal.