Radiation Safety Programs

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Radiation Safety (RS) serves and supports the goals of the university, enabling the safe and compliant use of radiation and radioactive materials using a customer-centered approach to service.

Radiation Safety provides expert guidance and timely service to the UCSC community through our commitment towards the safe and compliant use of radiation and radioactive materials.  Radiation Safety maintains our campus’ California Radioactive Materials License (Type A-Broad Scope) and serves as the  campus liaison with regulatory authorities.

The Radiation Safety Program is responsible for assisting the University community in the safe use of ionizing radiation including radioactive materials (RAM) and radiation producing machines. The program is designed to protect registered radiation users, staff, students, and the general public from radiation exposure, and ensure the safe receipt, handling, use and storage of radiation and radioactive material.  The program assists users to maintain all radiation exposures As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA), and to ensure operations are in compliance with applicable state and federal regulations.  

Emergency Procedures

Emergency Procedures for Spills of Radioactive Materials


Radiation Safety Manual


Application for Use of Radioactive Material

Dosimeter Request

NRC Prenatal

Radioactive Materials Receipt

Radiation Regulation Notice

Radiation Use Laboratories: Survey Log

Radiation Safety Training and Experience


California Code of Regulations

10 CFR 20 Standards For Protection Against Radiation


Radiation Safety for Users of Radioactive Materials

Radiation Safety for Radiation Producing Machines