Biosafety Information Online (BIO)

The BIO system is designed to manage and document the Biological Use Authorization (BUA) process for the University of California.

Principal investigators (PIs) must obtain a Biological Use Authorization (BUA) for recombinant DNA activities (research or teaching) or work with infectious agents (human, animal, plant pathogens, including work with bloodborne pathogens).

The BUA describes all the work with biological materials to be conducted by a PI, establishes the biosafety containment conditions set by the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) for the work, and authorizes the PI to conduct the work.

Click on the BIO button to the above right to connect to the UCOP RSS (Risk and Safety Solutions) Platform. This will require you to log into the RSS Platform using your CruzID Gold Password. Once on the RSS Platform, click on "Begin a Biological Use Authorization" or "Manage BUAs" to begin or edit a Biological Use Authorization.