Emergencies and Chemical Spills

Emergency? Dial 911

Report all Fires, Injuries, and Spills

General Instructions

All lab workers should know the locations of:

  1. Emergency telephone numbers
  2. Eyewash fountains and emergency showers
  3. Spill clean up materials 
  4. Fire alarm pull boxes and fire extinguishers
  5. Emergency exits and evacuation routes

For all injuries and near misses, fill out the Employer's First Report of Injury Form (EFR). Keep a copy for your records and send a copy to EH&S.

Always file Worker's Compensation forms for work related injuries. Consult with your Department Office or Risk Services for specific instructions.

Laboratory Emergency Guidelines

Basic procedures for various injury, spill, and fire situations.

Spill Response Planning

For more information on spill response planning, see the American Chemical Society Guide for Chemical Spill Response in Laboratories.

UCSC Office of Emergency Services

Emergency-related information for all members of the campus community. The UCSC Emergency Operations Plan provides specific information on how emergencies are managed at UCSC.