Chemical Spills and Emergencies

Emergency?     Call 911

Report all Fires, Injuries, and Spills

Prepare for accidents and emergencies

All researchers should know the locations of and how to use:

  1. Emergency telephone numbers
  2. Eyewash and emergency shower stations
  3. Spill clean up materials
  4. Fire alarm pull boxes and fire extinguishers
  5. Emergency exits and evacuation routes

After an incident has occurred

All injuries and near misses should be reported.

For planning purposes please review Injury Response and Management details.

In the event of a work-related incident, injury or illness refer to the Office of Risk Services - Injury Reporting & Medical Treatment page for current and detailed guidance on reporting requirements and assistance navigating the workers compensation process.


Laboratory Emergency Guidelines

Basic procedures for various injury, spill, and fire situations.


Spill Response Planning

For more information on spill response planning see the American Chemical Society Guide for Chemical Spill Response in Laboratories.


UCSC Office of Office of Emergency Management logoEmergency Management

The Office of Emergency Management maintains detailed Campus Emergency Procedures for use by members of the campus community.