Principal Investigators

The Principal Investigator (PI) is responsible for the health and safety of all laboratory personnel working under their authority or within their research facilities. Before beginning laboratory research at UCSC, new or visiting PIs meet with EH&S to review laboratory safety expectations, responsibilities, and the Laboratory Safety Manual. PIs are expected to know the health and safety rules and regulations applicable to their labs. The document "Procedures for Assurance of Laboratory Safety Compliance," from the UCSC Vice Chancellor for Research, outlines steps taken by the campus in the event of a safety-related compliance issue. 

PIs are encouraged to designate a Laboratory Safety Representative (LSR) to facilitate communication between the lab group and EH&S. Complete Appendix A of the Injury and Illness Prevention Program to document this designation. 

 The following checklist outlines actions to be taken by all PIs with research labs:

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PI / Laboratory Supervisor:

All lab personnel:

Personal Protective Equipment heading with PPE logo

Standard Operating Procedure heading with chemical bottle image

  • Provide prior approval for lab processes involving hazardous materials, processes, or conditions
  • Review and approve SOPs for hazardous materials (see the "Standard Operating Procedures" section of the Lab Safety Manual for more information)

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  • Call 911 in the event of a serious incident!
  • Report any serious lab-related injuries or illnesses to EH&S immediately
  • Report any safety concerns, including any noted by lab personnel, to EH&S
  • Notify EH&S and/or Facilities Management as soon as possible if workplace engineering controls (e.g., fume hoods) and safety equipment (e.g., emergency showers/eyewashes, fire extinguishers, etc.) become non-operational