Laboratory Safety Fundamentals

Learning about laboratory safety is required for anyone working in a lab on campus. You can fulfill the requirement by taking the Laboratory Safety Fundamentals eCourse on the UC Learning Center.  Note: the process is several steps and will take up to ten business days. Please plan accordingly.

As an affiliate (non-UCSC employee) the following steps are required to gain access to the Learning Center:

  1. Submit a Sundry Computer Account Form to Information Technology Systems (ITS) to obtain a temporary CruzID account, UCSC email account and a Blue & Gold Password: 

    Ask your supervisor for help in completing and signing the form.  Then submit it to ITS as described on the top of the form.  

    It takes 3 – 5 business days for ITS to set up your account. Once your account is ready, ITS will send instructions to the alternative email address you provided on the form. You must follow the instructions to claim your account within 72 hours and change your Blue & Gold passwords. 

  2. Once you have claimed your ITS account and changed the passwords, you can then request a UC Learning Center account via the Student and Affiliate Access Request e-form:

    Once you submit the form it takes 2 -3 business days to create a new UC Learning Center account. You will be notified by email once your account is ready. Communications will be sent to the email address you provide.

  3. Once your Learning Center account is set up, you’re ready to take the Laboratory Safety Fundamentals eCourse!   Safari (MAC) and Internet Explorer (PC) are the preferred web browsers for accessing the Learning Center. Make sure to allow pop-ups.  If you are using Internet Explorer 10, you will have to turn on compatibility view mode

Log in:

Click the “Employee Login” button and enter your CruzID and Gold Password.  

In the search button on the left side type:  laboratory safety and a list will appear:

screenshot of lab safety fundamentals e-course selection

Select:  Laboratory Safety Fundamentals eCourse

Click the Start button to take the course

You will have to take the entire eCourse and click through all of the slides to reach 100% completion status. If you stop mid-way, the eCourse will resume where you left off.

If you have completed all these steps and still cannot access your account, please email

We wish you the best of luck in your time at UCSC.