Boat Trailering

Trailering a UCSC Vessel on the Road

If you anticipate needing to tow a UCSC vessel either using a University vehicle or your personal vehicle you need to be aware of:

1) You will need to have completed and passed the trailering module in the UCSC boating course. Passing this module will only allow you to trailer under direct supervision of an approved driver. Once you gain experience under supervision you may be certified as a trailer driver and be allowed to trailer without supervision.

2) If you will be using your own vehicle to tow a UCSC vessel you will need to check with your insurance company to ensure your policy covers trailering. You will also be required to file a Personal Vehicle Use Waiver with your supervisor (form available under Boating Forms). Lastly you must at all times be in control of the tow - you cannot delegate your towing responsiblity to another person.

If you have questions regarding this please contact Boating Safety <>.