Boating Incident / Accident

A reportable incident/accident is:

1) All injuries requiring more than basic first aid.

2) All close calls, whether an injury is involved or not.

2) Vessel break-downs that are not easily remedied.

3) Vessel damage that is more than minor hull damage.

4) Any near accident or other unsafe event whether on land or in the water.

5) The vessel is boarded and/or cited for a violation.

The reportable close call or near miss are tools used in accident prevention to prevent the repeat of an action that might lead to an injury. Close calls / near misses should be reported to Boating Safety <> within 24 hours of their occurrence.

Any incident needing more than basic first aid and/or involving property damage will require the Boating Accident Report as well as the UCSC Propery and Liability report forms (all available under Boating Forms). You will also need to contact Risk Services for further UCSC accident reporting procedures.

If you have any questions regarding this please contact Boating Safety <>.