Scientific Skin Diving

Divers planning to use Skin Diving as their mode of data collection must meet the Scientific Skin Diving guidelines listed below and have had specific Skin Diving orientation. You are considered a Skin Diver if you are using breath-holding as the sole means to make excursions below the water's surface.

All Scientific Skin Divers must take the Scientific Skin Diving course offered through the Diving Safety Program (DSP) - if you will be participating in Bioe 159 (Marine Ecology Field Quarter) as a skin diver you need to take this course, which will be offered prior to the Fall Quarter offering of Bioe 159. Contact Diving Safety <> for details on this class.

All Scientific Skin Divers must be current in First Aid, CPR/AED and Oxygen Administration as well as have a UCSC Skin Diving physical on file. And all must go through an orientation (even if you are a certified SCUBA Diver) to refresh Skin Diving and in-water rescue skills.

If you have any questions about your status as a Scientific Skin Diver or Scientific Diver please contact Diving Safety <>.

Scientific Skin Diver Guidelines

Scientific Skin Diver Physical Forms - Medical Exam