Mosquito-Borne Disease and Prevention

Images from left to right: Aedes aegypti (Zika), permethrin treated clothing, DEET insect repellent, bed netting, southern house mosquito (West Nile virus)

There are a number of mosquito-borne diseases, the most recent concern being the Zika virus. Awareness and preparation are key to minimizing exposure risk.

Helpful tips for travel to any mosquito prone area

To reduce direct mosquito exposure:

  • stay in air conditioned or window-screened rooms
  • cover as much skin as possible with clothing
  • use appropriate insect repellents

Some species of mosquitoes, including those in the Aedes genus, tend to be more active during the day not the more familiar evening hours.

Consult with travel medicine professionals before traveling.

Seek medical evaluation if signs and symptoms present after travel (e.g., severe headaches, muscle pain, joint swellings, fevers, rashes).

More information is available from the CDC and their Mosquito Bite Prevention guide.

Help Monitor West Nile Virus

Dead bird picture - West Nile Virus

The California Department of Health Services would like a report on any injured or dead birds found in the state. Never touch dead birds; use gloves, a shovel, or a plastic bag to place the bird in a trash bag for disposal. Please fill out the Report a Dead Bird form to help monitor WNV.

Disease specific resources