Mobile Travel Apps

UC travelers have access to trip briefs with up-to-date and reliable local intelligence through our service contract with Crisis24. Trip briefs can be accessed on your computer before and during travel, for added convenience Crisis24 also has a mobile device application.

Worldcue Mobile App

Worldcue Mobile is a multi-lingual app for smart devices (iOS and Android). It provides Crisis24's mission-critical intelligence and assistance to UC travelers pre-trip, on location, and in an emergency.

  • Immediate access to critical information, tools and assistance
  • Quick connection to global hotline services
  • Precise location of employees at risk
  • Streamlined ability to confirm the safety of your employees

Critical Trac

Travels operating in higher risk areas of the world benefit from the additional security assurance of Crisis24's Critical Trac application. Critical Trac service is monitored, tracked and managed in Crisis24’s Integrated Response Operations Center, providing 24/7/365 support.

  • Two-way communication with one-button crisis and alerting functions
  • GPS location tracking with integrated client-specific response protocols
  • Map function to view current location on mobile device
  • User-defined location update options to conserve battery consumption
  • Geo-fencing capabilities to mark routes and/or locations with protocol-specific alert criteria

Critical Trac service is usable on iOS and Adnroid devices as well as number of satalite communication devices. For more information about where Critical Trac is needed or to get access please contact