Laundry Information

UCSC's lab coats are laundered through Mission Linen. Coats are picked up Thursday morning and returned the following Thursday. 

Current laundry locations include:Missing Lab Coat

  • Baskin 40 (BELS Receiving)
  • Biomed 208
  • Coastal Biology 230 (contact EH&S to schedule pickup)
  • PSB 101
  • Sinsheimer 139

Before putting your lab coat in the laundry, please ensure that it is labeled with: your name, your PI, and your laundry location. If your coat does not have this information, bring it to PPE office hours for labeling.

Lab coats that do not have a laundry location label are often returned to PSB 101.  If your lab coat has not been returned and you believe it is missing, please fill out a Missing Lab Coat Report and we will do our best to track it down.

Finished with a lab coat and want to return it?  Simply cross out the name tag in permanent marker and drop it off at your nearest laundry location.  EH&S will collect the cleaned lab coat and will put it back into circulation if it is in good condition.  Please DO NOT cross out the unique indentifying number.

Click below for a map showing the current laundry locations.

campus laundry map with PPE locations