Laundry Information

UCSC's lab coats are laundered through Mission Linen. Coats are picked up Thursday morning and returned the following Thursday. 

Current laundry locations include:Missing Lab Coat

  • Baskin 40 (BELS Receiving)
  • Biomed 208
  • Coastal Biology 230 (picked up 1st Wednesday of the month)
  • PSB 101
  • Sinsheimer 139

Before putting your lab coat in the laundry, please ensure that it is labeled with: your name, your PI, and your laundry location. If your coat does not have this information, bring it to PPE office hours for labeling.

Lab coats that do not have a laundry location label are often returned to PSB 101.  If your lab coat has not been returned and you believe it is missing, please fill out a Missing Lab Coat Report and we will do our best to track it down.

Click below for a map showing the current laundry locations.

campus laundry map with PPE locations