UCSC Interns and Visitors Laboratory Safety Training

Welcome to the UCSC laboratories! All personnel working in UCSC hazardous materials laboratories must complete laboratory safety training prior to beginning work. The training includes four steps:

  1. Completion of the online Laboratory Safety Fundamentals course.

  2. Review of the lab-specific Laboratory Hazard Assessment Tool (LHAT) personal protective equipment assessment, viewing of the LHAT video, and completion of the LHAT quiz.

  3. Completion of the Lab-Specific Training Checklist with the mentor in the lab.

  4. For persons working with or near biohazards, attendance at the UCSC "Biosafety and Nucleic Acid Technologies" and, in some cases, "Bloodborne Pathogens" classes.

1. Take the online Laboratory Safety Fundamentals course:

  • Work with your UCSC sponsor to obtain a UCSC CruzID and Gold password. The sponsor will initiate the process by completing the online Sundry account form. The intern/visitor will then receive an automated email from UCSC ITS with a link and information to complete the process. 

  • With your CruzID Gold user name and password, log on to the UC Learning Center and complete the access request form under the “Student and Affiliate” category.

  • When access is granted (usually within 3 days), return to the UC Learning Center, then complete "Laboratory Safety Fundamentals." The path to access this course requires several steps. Instructions, with screen shots, are available on the Laboratory Safety Fundamentals page. 

  • Print the Certificate of Completion to provide to the mentor.

Click here for more detailed instructions on obtaining a Sundry account and accessing the UC Learning Center. 

2. Complete online Laboratory Hazard Assessment Tool (LHAT) tasks:

  • Using the UCSC CruzID and Gold password, log on to the LHAT system.

  • Request to be associated with the mentor’s lab group.

  • When email confirmation of lab group association is received, log on and review assessment, view video, and take quiz.

  • You do not need to print the voucher.

Alternatively, the mentor may begin the process by adding you to the lab group's LHAT roster. In this case, you will receive an email with a link and instructions to follow. 

3. Participate in lab-specific training:

4. If working in a lab group that uses biohazards or bloodborne pathogens:

  • Interns or visitors working with or near biological agents or materials must take the instructor-led "Biosafety and Nucleic Acid Technologies" class, and, in some cases, the "Bloodborne Pathogens" class. Registration for these courses is through the UC Learning Center. Additional classes may be arranged with the UCSC Biosafety Officer by contacting biosafety@ucsc.edu.


  • Contact EH&S (ehs@ucsc.edu) with questions on the laboratory safety courses and requirements.

  • Contact the UC Learning Center administrator (learningcenter@ucsc.edu) with any questions or challenges with the online training or registration process.

Note that the UCSC science buildings are unlocked during business hours, and that the UC "Minors in Laboratories and Shops" policy requires that minors be supervised when in the lab. For these reasons, minors will not be issued keys to the buildings or labs.


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